Haircut - $30.00

All haircuts start with a one-on-one consultation, with consideration to hair type, facial features and lifestyle.  Along with a precise, detailed cut, services include a soothing hot lather neck and sideburn shave as well as grooming of all facial and ear hair. Incredible Haircuts

Detailing - $10.00

In between full haircuts, Detailing is ideal before a business meeting, evening out or just to maintain your style.  This service includes straightening out the neckline and a trim around the ears as well as a hot lather neck and sideburn shave.

Infant up to 2 years - $18.00

Great men's grooming habits start from a young man. Our Youth haircuts come with a first haircut certificate and a clip of your little ones baby locks.

Hot Towel Shampoo - $15.00

The perfect addition to any cut is the Hot Towel Shampoo.  The shampoo includes two hot towels and a dab of tea tree oil to relax and open the pores, a relaxing scalp massage, and a hot lather neck and sideburn shave.

Hot Towel Shave - $35.00

A truly royal treatment, the Straight Razor Shave includes hot lather shaving cream applied with a 100% badger hair brush and a meticulous shave with a straight razor.  To ensure impeccable quality and relaxation, countless hot steam towels are applied during the process and we use only 100% natural European boutique-level products.  This is by far the smoothest, closest shave you will ever experience.

Head Shave - $50.00

Using a hot lather cream, steamin towels, and a straight razor, Northshore Men's Salon Straight Razor Head Shave employs a meticulous shaving method to assure a smooth scalp for that classic, distinguished look.

Custom Color Design - $25.00+

MiN New York hair color is a jet-setting professional grade color, with precise color formulations that will cover the gray completely or reduce the amount of gray in a natural-looking way.  This process takes five minutes and leaves you looking years younger.  Northshore Men's Salon also caters to the "Rock Star" in you, whether it's subtle highlights or eye-catching custom color design.

Waxing Services - $10.00

Facial Waxing Services are available on request.